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I’m not sure this is the good thread ( it’s neither open source or an app) but the Qwant search engine is very efficient (flawless in “everyday use”, and mixed results on tricky/lot of words research), it’s made to not track its users (they even bought servers with a “no backdoor” guarantee).
It’s making money thru the shop tab, by having a commission when you buy something from their page.
And, little plus, it’s European ( and French).
I prefered it over DuckDuckGo because DDG don’t have a search engine, it just “proxies” google, thus still being "under google influence, and my objective is not to “don’t give money to google”, my objective is : don’t use google.
Give it a shot : Qwant

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AFAIK Duckduckgo proxy Bing/Yahoo… does it had changed this? Anyway Google as a search engine is wonderful, if its only that…

Thank you for the suggestion anyway, I give a try

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Here is an interview of the co-founder : http://www.nextinpact.com/news/97572-dans-coulisses-qwant-interview-deric-leandri.htm
They are doing their own algorythms, with a specificity (as opposed to google) : they include social medias, which google, for example, has stopped doing.
They also seem to have a very efficient news feed.
And it’s not open source yet, but they are planning to be :

Vous mettez en avant la transparence comme point fort. Elle se concrétise comment chez Qwant ?

Déjà, mettre Qwant en open source. Cela ne tardera pas, car on attend que le « front » soit bien écrit, bien commenté.

Sous quelle licence ?

On aimerait aller le plus loin possible, mais cela supposerait qu’on
mette le rank en open source. Pour le front, nous allons opter pour une
licence qui ne nous obligera pas à tout ouvrir, tout en vous permettant
de vous en servir si vous trouvez cela sympa.
Parmi les autres points forts, le site marche bien, est responsive,
va vite… Nous avons supprimé tous les cookies, les trackers et tous nos
partenaires s’engagent à ne pas en installer…

The ranking won’t be open-source, but that’s expected haha

AFAIK DuckCuckGo is a Hybrid with own crawler and Metasearch (using Yahoo! Search BOSS, Wikipedia and others). IxQuick/Startpage is similar.

@jhohn please don’t reopen such old topics.
A more recent - though slightly off-topic - discussion about search engines developed in this thread.