Quote and smiling in the mobile version of the forum

I often (mostly all the time) use a mobile device (Jolla phone, waiting for FP2) to surf the forum, so I ask why in the mobile version there aren’t the function to quote a message and to insert a smiling. Can you improve this aspect for all the people that use mainly the mobile version?


Seems to be a known issue for discourse (the software powering the forum) - it should work, but doesn’t. On my phone firefox allows me to select, but not quote, whilst the built-in browser (not recommended for use!) allows me to quote, but doesn’t show what I’ve selected. In both cases this renders the function useless. As said, I do believe the folks at discourse are looking into it.

Typing a colon (:slight_smile: brings up a short list of smileys, with a button at the bottom of the list to open up the full menu.


The option exists, but I’ve found this out only lately: Select text from a post, you want to quote and simply press the reply button. The quote will be pasted to a new text editor box, where you can add your words. Edit: Doesn’t work anymore with the latest Firefox mobile… :frowning:

Reg. smilies: The list, which should update itself while typing, doesn’t really work well here on my Firefox Mobile. It’s the same with @users BTW. For smilies I use: http://www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com/