Quickstep systematically stops and prevents me from using my phone

Last weeks I have installed a system update as recommended by Fairphone. Since then I have a pop up saying the “Quickstep systematically stops”. I can close it and use my phone quite as usual but after a short while, the pop up re-appears…
After lets say a 5 minutes use the screen flashes and I can not do anything

I am still waiting for the support help… After one week :frowning: I need your help?

Somebody can help?
Thank you so much


Go to the app Settings,
Go to Apps
Find Quickstep and clear the cache.
See if this helps.


Agree with @Lidwien

Have you got any active Widgets? If yes, remove them from your home screen(s)
You could also try a different launcher? You probably know already that Quickstep is the default Google launcher.

Thank you. I tried it but it did not work :frowning:

Thank you.
I have to check for the widgets.
Regarding the launcher so far I had not issue. hence I am not knowleagable at all. Do you have a launcher to recommend ?


Nova launcher. I’ve been using it exclusively in my last four or five phones.
Nothing strange about it, just a more configurable version of a very basic launcher without any non removable widgets.


I’d not tried Nova until Dryhte recommended it. I tried it today and liked it enough to buy it. Basic version is free with no adverts.

Another thing you could try is restart your FP3 in safe mode. Push and hold ‘restart’ until a popup prompt asks you if you want to restart in safe mode. It could be that a problem app is flooding resources and causing quickstep to die. If you have no problems in safe mode, I’d start looking at disabling all your self installed apps. Then restart in normal service mode enabling your disabled apps one by one (leaving time in-between for the launcher to crash) to try and root out the rogue.

Of course, there could be a more sinister reason for Quickstep commiting Hari-Kari, RAM problems on your motherboard for example. But don’t give up until you’ve ruled everything out.

Did you get any reply from Fairphone customer support? I guess not!


Great ! The trouble is that I can not remove the widgets through the App parameters.
Unfortunately I can not drop it in the Trash from the screen. It pops up and nothing works !

I have tried to restart with the safe mode. Unfortunatelty the problem remains

I am happy to read that the exchange I have initiated was also useful for you. I will also try it when possible

I got an answer from Fair phone support. I have not tried their reco yet as the first step was to make a backup (which takes some time)
Would you be interest in knowing what their recommendations are ?


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In Nova it’s easy to remove a widget. Long-touch the widget, you get a popup with a few choices (resize and remove being two of them). Press ‘Remove’ and the widget disappears.
Resize is very useful too (don’t know if it also works in the current version of Quickstep but I’ve had phones on which not every widget could be resized)

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In the end I had to go perform a factory reset. And now everything works.
Many thanks for your help



When you said you the problem still existed in safe mode I thought either your upgrade had failed to install correctly, or your phone was getting ready to kick the bucket! Out of interest, when you did a factory reset, did you also need to re-install Android?

I’m pleased Fairphone answered you (eventually) and provided you with the solution. Thanks for following up. really great news you got this issue resolved.

I also feared a major incident.
I didn’t have to reinstall Android. The restore from my account worked well even though I didn’t wait the recommended 24 hours.