Quicker way for moving apps from 'all apps' to screen

Hello. Does anyone know a quicker way to move apps from ‘all apps’ to the active screens on the phone? I’ve recently had to restore from factory settings and none of my apps are on the screen and the thought of moving them manually from ‘all apps’ bores me to tears. I have a FP2, by the way.

I’m myself not aware of a faster way to move the links to the homescreen than by drag& drop, but for the future I’d recommend to make decent backups.

I use titanium backup (pro) and it can also make a backup of the Fairphone launcher (needs root access though). This way you only need to pull the launcher backup and your homescreen looks as before.


In moving apps from All Apps to the active screens, I’ve ended up with some being merged into folders. How do I extract them?

If you mean that two or more icons are on top of each other, then the solution is:
tab quickly on the folder, then all the icons are shown separately,
tab on one icon and move it to another place on the screen.

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