Quick settings menu pulled down when turning screen on - as intended?

A good proportion of the time over the last month, when I turn my screen on after it’s locked, the screen shows the quick settings menu as if I’d pulled the screen down from the top - it doesn’t show the animation of it dragging down as I’d expect if it were a weird screen sensitivity and can happen If I wasn’t touching the screen yet at all just the on button.

Is this saving the quick settings being open even overnight? Opening the settings bar whilst locked before turning screen off and back on seems to replicate and it’s quite possible I lock it this way in the night whilst putting no notification mode for sleeping, but seems strange for it to save that state so long.

You don’t say if this happens if you turn the phone off or if you reboot. Is it the same then,? You only mention turning the screen off.

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Not noticed on restart, presumably is as-intended just seems odd it persists so long of being locked !

Well… It doesn’t seem strange to me and is expected behaviour that quick settings being open on lock screen is saved until you turn the screen back on.
So yes, as intended.
If you don’t like this you can file a bug report with google if you want, so that they change this, but I personally don’t see the point.

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