Quick access Facebook app disappears

Hi, just a small problem: I’ve got a Facebook app among the quick access apps, but it disappears every other week or so. It then shows an empty app. When I try ‘edit’ the Facebook app is not listed. The only solution is to uninstall the Facebook app alltogether, install it again and then it appears newly in the edit list. I just wonder what this could be.


Hey @Maryamu,

when the Facebook app isn’t listed when you edit it, is it also not listed in your app drawer? Because I was under the impression it shows all installed apps that are also shown in your app drawer. Maybe instead of reinstalling it completely you could try see if it is shown again after a restart?

As for disappearing, on my old phone I sometimes had problems with app shortcuts disappearing after some updates. Do you know whether these disappearances correlate with facebook updates?

Hi Kris_S, it is listed in the general list, or app drawer, just not in the list that appears when you edit your quick access apps. Good idea to check if it is connected to the updates. Then I guess there is not much I could do?

And I will try the restart. I really never switch off my phone, so did not try that yet.

I have the same ‘issue’: quick acces apps disappearing. As I don’t use it that often, I thought the disappearing was because of the fact that I don’t use the quick acces.

are those apps from the play store or standard apps?

Would be interesting to know whether this has to do with updates. It’s the only reason I could think of why shortcuts would change und thus causing those apps to “disappear”.

I noticed this thing a few times so far and the pattern I observed is that when an app is in quick access and is updated, it disappears from the quick access menu and its pool of available apps. This is until said app is uninstalled and reinstalled or the system’s cache is flushed, in which case the old uninstalled apps finally are moved away (although this sadly takes away some customization).
I suspect that a reboot might do the trick, but I haven’t tried it so far.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram …

I haven’t done the repartitioning update, and also have this problem. I found this page that says that the apps in the quick access menu should be in your internal storage for it to work, and yes - the one app that keeps disappearing is not in my internal storage.


Great Emma! That’s what I was looking for. “Lost” my Firefox icon too often already :wink:

Thanks @Emma for letting us know!

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I only read this now, thanks for the replies. However, i am at a loss how to move the app to the internal storage. When -in my case- I open the Facebook app in system settings -> apps (as Emma’s link explains) I don’t see ‘move to internal storage’. Any ideas?

Apologies, I didn’t mean to close this topic, have reopened and moved your comments back

Perhaps you could try this;

  1. Remove the Facebook app in system settings -> apps
  2. In system settings go to Storage and make the DEFAULT WRITE DISK your Internal Storage.
  3. Install the Facebook app
    After installing Facebook app and listing you username and password, it’s up to you to leave the
    DEFAULT WRITE DISK on your Internal Storage or not.
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Thank you, I will check it out!

Thank you as well. I had a similar problem: I use the app “portable wifi hotspot” to quickly switch my hotspot on and off. I used to access the app via quick access. This morning, the slot was empty and the app was nowhere to be seen in the list that opens when you want to edit quick access. My default write disk was already set to internal storage. So I just deinstalled and reinstalled the app. After that, I was able to add it to quick access.

Why it disappeared from quick access in the first place remains enigmatic…

Well, it appears that there still is a problem: My app disappeared again. This morning it was still around, now the slot in quick access is empty. As before, the app is not in the list that is offered to select an app for quick access. There was an automatic update of the app in the meantime though, could that have triggered its the disappearance?

Facebook did an update recently, but now the app in quick access stayed. It all is a bit weird.

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This always happens to me when I update Whatsapp. It just disappears and doesn’t return until I restart the phone. I guess then the app list gets updated too…

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