Questions regarding installing the Open OS, rooting and Google apps

Will it possible to order a Fairphone 2 with the Open OS installed?

Will it be easy (i.e. possible for non-tech savvy people) to install the Open OS?

If one wants to install the Open OS due to wanting to root the phone, is it possible to install the Google apps afterwards? Or would the rooting be accomplished more easily in some other way, without losing the Google apps?

Would be great if someone knowledgeable would shed light on these.

Hey, Fairphone announced that they’re planning on selling the Phones in the future with the option of FPOSOS preinstalled. However, they didn’t say when yet and I can imagine that it’s quite a lot of work to realise and also not really a priority.

And yes, it’s pretty easy to install. I just did that myself a couple days ago. There are some great step-by-step instructions and this forum is really a great help with lots of highly motivated folks trying to help each other! :slight_smile:

And yes, I installed Google Apps on my FPOSOS with OpenGAPPS - that’s also very easy.

If you have a look around this forum looking at the threads dealing with OpenGAPPS and FPOSOS you should get quite a clear picture. There’s quite a lot to read, but there are also several wikis and how to’s :wink:

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Thanks for the info! So would you say it’s easier than, for example, rooting your average android phone? I am hoping that the process would be simple enough that people wouldn’t have to come to the forums to seek help.

Installing the FPOSOS is very easy and described in the official guide. Once you installed that, you can root your phone through the developer options. Couldn’t be any easier tbh.

After that you can simply install OpenGAPPS. However, they didn’t make such a nice guide, but there’s a thread here for that and it’s also not complicated.

Seeking help in the forums depends on what you’re planning to do afterwards! If you just want to install something like AdAway you’re fine afterwards, but if you’re planning on diving into the whole Root world with all its possibilities, you’ll probably need some help at some point. But entirely up to you and what you’re planning to do. Just FPOSOS with Root and Google afterwards: Fairly easy.

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Didn’t know there was an official guide for installing the OS yet. That does sound pretty simple and straightforward. However installing the Gapps afterwards might not be that easy. That’s a pity.

Nonetheless, this is starting to sound pretty interesting. I’ve always wanted to root my phone and get rid of all the bloatware, but the amount of steps required, warnings about bricking the phone and unfamiliar terms kept me away. Then when I finally tried it, I failed. Maybe Fairphone would finally let me do what I want. Thanks for this.

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It really is easy. And I’ve never enjoyed a mobile OS as I’m doing now with OSOS. And installing GAPPS afterwards is also really easy, you just need to download the right pack and install it with TWRP and that’s pretty much it :wink:

I can highly recommend it, no bloatware anymore and total freedom over your phone and who you want to share which data with.

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It is easy. I just made a step-by-step guide which I hope helps!

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Wow, thanks for the guide! It really does seem fairly simple.

But be aware, that even the smallest package of opengapps installs several services (calendar etc.). An alternative would be to take another proprietary store like the one from amazon.


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