Questions about FP2


I’m considering being a FP2 but I have a few questions, does anybody have the answer?

  1. If I buy a phone in January, can I get the new camera directly or do I have to buy the old one, throw it away and replace it with the new one?
  2. Can I have the transparent case? It’s the only one I like.
  3. Can I expect to have Android upgrades via LineageOS? (staying on an old android version is disapointing)

Thanks in advance,

Thomas THIRY

  1. All new FP2s come with the new camera module.
  2. The transparent case is no longer produced. You can only try to find a used one on the inofficial marketplace here. Note that the transparent case (and the other “regular cases”) was prone to breaking easily and its two elements (the flexible black rim and the stiffer back part) tended to become uncoupled from each other.

Thanks for your answer urs_lesse!

Too bad for the case, the transparent style was pretty nice for the programmer I am. :slight_smile: The currently available colors are quite girly in my opinion.

LineageOS is updated weekly, current release is on security patch level 05. Dec. 2017.


There’s indigo, and there are flip cases to hide most of the case :slight_smile: .

Thanks BeMiGro and AnotherElk.

I’ll probably try LineageOS then.

The flip cases make the smartphone even bigger so I’ll pass. :-p But I’m still hoping for some half-transparent case or something…

@ThomasThiry If you have access to a 3D printer, you can actually print a cover yourself. In this thread there’s discussion on printing transparent cases, Design files for Fairphone 2 Cover Released

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Thanks for the tip, will check it out.
I don’t have a 3D printer but I hear some stores start offering that kind of service… Worth a try I suppose.
Although the result might look less nice than the original ones.

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