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Hello Fairphoners;
i am new into the Fairphone ecosystem, and i got some noob questions:

i want to totally get out from G00gle/Android, and i eared about multiples OS for the FP2 (like Fairphone Open OS, Lineage OS, Sailfish OS, Ubuntu Touch (UBport?) and /e/ OS).

_are all of those OS available in French ? (i understand English but i am more comfortable with French language)
_i saw on the web that some of them are not in final version; so it seems some features are not functioning correctly, is it right ?
_i didn’t found some website who compare all of those OS, so it’s difficult for me to see what are differences between them (but it seems OpenOS from Fairphone team is the more accurate, am i right?)

_about G00gleStore like, i eared about F-Droid; does it exist some other Stores ? wich one is better (i got preferences for OpenSources apps)

thank you for answers, feel free to suggest things, i am curious about all of this :slight_smile:

All the OSes you mentioned can be easily set to French, yes. You set the language just like you do it in Fairphone OS.

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Here are some references in an orderly fashion …

Important to note is how Android comes to a phone:

  • Google develops and supports the basic Android and gives it free of charge to the public with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

  • Smartphone vendors take AOSP and adapt/change it to run on their phones and fit their needs. In the case of the Fairphone 2, that results in Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS, done and supported by Fairphone.

  • Smartphone vendors then have the choice to additionally make a deal with Google to bundle their OS with Google’s popular set of Apps and services, which are not part of AOSP, and which most Android phone customers want to have, so that results in Fairphone OS with all those Google Apps and services.

  • Community projects take AOSP and adapt/change it to achieve some goal(s), e.g. having an Android independent from the smartphone vendor, choosing to not include certain things, choosing to do certain things differently.
    That results in e.g. LineageOS without Google Apps and services, or /e/ taking LineageOS and throwing out even more underlying Google stuff which LineageOS still has.

  • Google brings updates and patches to AOSP, and then smartphone vendors and community projects have to bring those updates and patches to their Android, carefully checking whether Google’s changes break something the vendors and projects themselves changed when they adapted/changed AOSP.
    That results in e.g. Samsung and Huawei having a lot of work with every update, because they changed AOSP so much to have their own look and operating logic.
    That luckily results in an increasing number of vendors changing as little as possible in AOSP to ensure timely updates with a minimum of checking/adapting involved.
    That also results in Android One.

The bottom line of this:
Fairphone OS, Fairphone Open OS, LineageOS and /e/ are all Android, just in different flavours with different amounts of Google stuff. But they are all Android and are based on Google’s work and dependent on Google update support to some degree.

Sailfish OS is not Android.

UBports is a community continuation of Ubuntu Touch after Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) dropped developing it, and also not Android.

So …

What is it you really want?

To totally get away from Google and Android on the Fairphone 2 means checking out Sailfish OS and UBports.

To still have Android, but as little as possible involvement of Google currently on the Fairphone 2 means checking out Fairphone Open OS (see #openos, Android 7, supported by Fairphone until they say they can’t do it anymore, Google dropped Android 7 support already), LineageOS (see #lineageos, currently Android 10) and /e/ (see #e-eelo, currently Android 9).


From own experience (FP2 + LOS 17.1, without any gapps or similar)
I use F-droid where I can.
Where this is not possible I use Aurora, which worked fine so far.

hope this helps a bit

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“quick and clear”, thank you :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

ah y i have to read more this topic, didn’t know in what order they are stored.

thx, i didn’t know exactly how does it work

i really have to get info about this, because i don’t entirely understand the difference between them; it’s like Fairphone OS is 100% Android and not OpenOS right ?

i really want to get out as far as possible from GAFAM;

i’m not on any “social-media” since years; i was here before them, still alive without em’ and IRC+Forums is enough
(and i lovely remember that old good times when trolls where not allowed to disturb everything for free)

i use Protonmail (instead of Gmail), Telegram (for communicate privately and safely), Brave navigator (no dirty ads anymore), PreSearch (quite accurate as g00gle but really private).
i am also making my own invasive add’s filter with PiHole (on my Raspberry Pi).

the last two of “them” i ain’t found any replacement for are Y0utube for videos and Micro$oft Windows10 for gaming (and i use Debian on my secondary computer).

thx i should go for search informations on those two OS

hah thx, i notice F-droid and Aurora for my researches :slight_smile:

Thank you all for all usefull informations :smiley:

Both are 100% Android.

Fairphone Open OS is Android with as little changes compared to AOSP as possible, also meaning it does only have a minimal set of Apps and services.

Fairphone OS comes with all those additional preinstalled Google Apps and services which most customers take for granted and think this is what “Android” is, which is wrong.


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