Question to unlocked bootloader before Installation of LineageOS on FP4

Hi, I was quite happy with LineageOS on my FP2 and would like to install the new official LineageOS on my FP4. To avoid the bootloaderproblem (Trapped in Fastboot-Mode with locked Bootloader …) I think I don’t want to lock the bootloader again after the installation of LineageOS on the FP4. Can anyone please explain to me, if it is likely that I will have problems because of the unlocked bootloader with Apps that work fine on my FP2? I think on the FP2 the bootloader is not locked in general. Is this correct? Or are things just completely different on FP2 and FP4?

The FP2 is “simpler” (no A/B device) and yes the bootloader was not locked in general. Not sure if anyonen can give a definite answer, I think as long as your set up (microG/GApps) is the same, there should be no difference. What apps are really important for you and could have issues? Maybe someone else has the same set-up and can test it for you. I would maybe follow-up here


Thank you, @yvmuell. I installed LineageOS on my FP4 and everything works fine.


With locked or unlocked bootloader?

With unlocked bootloader. A few Apps told me that the bootloader is unlocked and warned me, but all Apps work as they should. (FP4 with LineageOS + MindTheGapps)

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on my old moto g5plus i never had issues with any apps on multiple roms. on my fp4 i had to use magisk to get everything to pass safetynet again. but gpay works again.

Got a brandnew FP4 here with the official lineage installed (lineage 20.0). With the bootloader locked I couldn’t make it boot, so it is unlocked. At first glance, everything worked fine. Yesterday discovered that Netflix App doesn’t work. Have to try a reboot, buy any hint would be much appreciated!

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