Question about location/GPS enabling

I have a question: I don’t see see GPS/Location in the quick menu among the other icons like wifi and bluetooth. I see that I can only disable Location from the Settings.

Actual question: Does this mean that GPS is constantly on? Or is the Fairphone smarter about using it and has just so good GPS that whenever I start up a GPS relevant app like Sygic (old, I know) only then will it be turned on?

Swipe down the Quick Menue complete. Then you will see 9 icons and at the bottom a pencil and the Android Version Number and 2 dots and gear wheel. Swipe to the left and more is coming to show. Or klick the pencil and much more, including App shortcuts, showing. By drag and drop you can arrange and/or enable your needs. GPS/Location option (@ amoun thanks) included.


You mean the Location option?

Is there an actual GPS option. Is there a receiver I cans witch off?

Thanks, I didn’t notice it before.

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The GPS hardware is actually only used when an app wants to use it and is allowed to use it. When it is used you can see the GPS icon in the top bar (it’s a location marker). Otherwise it is off and doesn’t use energy, either. Unless you want to be sure that GPS is really only used when you want this it is okay to leave it enabled.


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