Queen Rock Tour on Fairphone 2

Hi there,
as a big Queen fan I’d like to play the game “Queen Rock Tour” on my Fairphone 2. I just updated to Android 9. The system requirements for this game are Android 4.4 or above. Still, when I look it up at the Google Play Store it says “Your device is not compatible with this version”.
Does anybody know why? Or maybe a way around this?

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I’m not aware that there is a way to find out the additional requirements apart from the android version number for us mere mortals.

Sometimes the game publishers list additional requirements on their homepage.

But ultimately I guess only Google can answer what exactly is behind the “Your device is not compatible with this version” message. Their support pages refer to the developers of the app: Contact an Android app's developer - Computer - Google Play Help

Not sure if you’ll get a response but I fear the only option for you is to email android.support@gameloft.com about your question.


You do mean the rhythm game by Universal Music Group?

As I love some wild speculation: :wink:
For latest update the developers state in the playstore to have updated the graphics-profile for oneplus 7 phones. Should the game be lagging on such devices they advise to update.

So, maybe it’s a problem with Fairphone, that the app lacks the neccessary graphics profile, thus making it incompatible.
But that’s just wild guessing on my side.
@Ingo already posted the only solution I can come up with as well.

I just checked, the play store tells me, that it is compatible with the FP3 and my old (Moto G5), but not with the FP2 or FP1. As Ingo and BertG mentioned, we can only guess why.


Ingo, Bert and Incanus, thanks a lot for your quick responses!!!

I guess I’ll have to take it up with gameloft or just accept that I won’t be able to play… :slight_smile:


Hi, I just stumbled on this topic and found about this game. Being a Queen fan myself I gave it a try and had no problem installing it and playing the demo.

I’m running FOOS 21.03.0-rel.2 since android 9 update a few days ago. I don’t know if it is needed for this game but I also have flashed opengapps arm-9.0-pico following this guide.
Once again I have no clue if it is related but I installed it from aurora store with anonymous account. I have no idea how to buy the full game in these conditions but the demo works great though.

I have OpenGL ES 3.0 enabled. I also enabled hardware-accelerated video playback after installation and the game is still running great.

Hope it can help, and thanks for making me discover this game.


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