QR Scan on Fairphone 4

and that one is the best :wink:
My two cents…


You can try Google Lens. It works well.

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what :open_mouth:
ok, if u use only google services, then they already know everything about you.then it no longer matters

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Seems a bit bitrotten or not in development anymore:

One’s even worse (Barcode Scanner, from 2018). Good news is in the links you provided there’s a few which are actively maintained. With updates as recent as Nov 2021.

Be careful with malware in QR scanners, especially for Covid related (also by those who scan your QR code). There’s one found going around (IIRC on Telegram) which uploads your Covid QR code as a NFT.

I just posted links to the search. Which search result are you referring to?

It still works, though.
And it’s not like F-Droid is secretive about its status …

NOTE: This app is in maintenance mode only. It will probably not get any updates.”

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I don’t get why that should be a problem. Why does everyone expect every app to be updated all the time? It’s a QR code scanner. Its development is just finished, it’s done, there’s nothing to add besides fancy graphics and animations. It doesn’t even use the internet, so one doesn’t need to worry about security flaws either.

Nobody would say “yeah don’t play the original Super Mario Bros, it was last updated in 1984”. Software can just be completed at some point.

(Btw no, I’m not a boomer, I’m 23 and studying informatics, I just don’t get why there is this assumption that it is bad for an app to not get indefinite updates. At some point there just aren’t any more bugs left to fix or small improvements left to make)


Super Mario Bros is an offline game from the 80s. Its not an Electron game. With an application like this, I don’t know if it has networking capabilities (Corona Scanner for example does), and I don’t know if the bitrot is important in this case, but in case of static libraries/binaries it surely is important. What is sure though, is that it isn’t updated for recent Android versions.

I think that Super Mario is more then Offtopic in a QR Scan Thread :wink:
Or do you have to collects QR Codes in this games instead of other goodies :smiley:

I use the built in QR scanner in Microsoft Edge

I hope you know that edge transmit every visited url to microsoft also in private mode
and this is only one part of microsoft’s telemetry data collection frenzy

edge would be the last app i would install

If you want to scan QR codes for websites: Firefox (Android version) is able to do that.


Never noticed that, thanks for the hint!

I don’t think it is the camera module, I still use a third party QR scanning app because I know it works, I first used it on a Moto G4 plus.

Hi Madina,

did you download an app? Which one did you get, and does it work?

best wishes


Binary Eye is another good one, free and open source, and actively maintained. can be found both on Play Store and F-droid


Which browser do you recommend?

I use Fennec from f-droid in combination with uBlockOrigin + HTTPS Everywhere addon and personalDNSfilter App as Tracker Blocker.

For more privacy oriented browser you can also use Mull (browser from DivestOS)
It has the arkenfox user.js preferences implemented. But not all webites are working with that restrictions.

If you want a chromium based browser i would prefer bromite browser
You need an additional f-droid repo for that

And LibreWolf on Desktop (for me: Linux Mint)


I recommend Firefox for Android. Firefox is able to scan QR codes - mainly website adresses - out of the box.


That’s perfect! Thank you for your hint!

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