QKSMS Notifications no longer working

I have a FP2 running Fairphone OS 18.02.0
For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had trouble receiving any kind of notifications from QKSMS (my SMS app). I have been using the same version of QKSMS for at least half a year, and received notifications normally. I also haven’t changed my configuration (app permissions, notification settings) since.
My current suspicion is that the trouble started with one of the recent FP updates, but it’s hard to prove.

At the moment, I neither get a notification on the lock screen, nor a sound or vibration signal, nor a notification in the notification bar, nor does the LED start blinking. The only thing QKSMS can do is wake the phone when the screen is dark (which usually remains unnoticed while the phone is in my pocket).
I do get top notification bar entries for other apps (e.g. Firefox).

Has anyone else observed similar behavior?
Has anyone have an idea on what to try, or how to solve this?

Well, as I use another SMS app (Silence), I have no experience with QKMS.
Maybe it’s a bug with the app?
On the issues page for that app, I found the following topic:

While it dates from 2015, it concerns Android 6.01 and seems to be unsolved.

Do you happen to be on do not disturb mode, when you experience that problem?
Otherwise I would agree, that there might be an issue caused by the latest update. But maybe someone else is using this app as well and can shed more light on this issue.

Well I use QKSMS and I don’t have this problem, but 1st I’m on OpenOS and 2nd I’m on 17.11.2, because I forgot to update my phone since then (stupid me, I know :man_facepalming:), so I guess I’m not a big help here :confused:

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You might be a big help if you try it out after updating (once you do)

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My issue is unrelated to “do not disturb”. I’ll do some more testing, but I suspect I don’t even receive a notification while the phone is woken and in active use.

I’m going to update it today, I only didn’t update it earlier because both my desktop PC was broken for a month until two weeks ago and my MacBook Pro from 2010 was broken from two weeks ago until today (I hope the repair shop has done it’s job by now), so I didn’t want to risk a complete tech failure of all my devices, although I never experienced any issues with updating my FP2.
When I get my MacBook back, I’ll update the FP :slight_smile:

I was completely on the wrong track here:
QKSMS has a feature that allows you to disable notifications for certain users. I must have triggered that accidentally once, and didn’t notice the tiny “crossed-out bell” symbol. :flushed:


Was already wondering, because it works perfect for me with same OS.

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