Purpose of "holes" at top and bottom of cover - reset "button"?

sometimes my FP2 hangs on boot. My usual cure is to open the cover and remove the battery shortly.
I’m wondering if there is a reset-button to achieve the same result.

I see two small “holes” in the cover:
One on the top “opposite” to the earphone plug
One on the bottom, just to the right of the USB connector

What are the purposes of these ?


Holding the power button for an eternity (12 seconds) should restart your phone.

One of the small holes you mention is probably just the microphone hole (so do NOT enter a pin there :smiley: ). The other one might be a secondary microphone, but I’m not sure.


Thanks for the really fast answer !
Ok, I will try the small eternity next time.
And no, I won’t enter a pin for now in either - that’s the reason for asking.
(Besides my curiosity, that I just don’t know the purpose…)

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Both holes are for microphones. The bottom one next to the USB is the primary, the top one is the secondary “noise cancellation” mic


Thanks for clarification and to satisfy my curiosity !
I’m impressed - two microphones.
I’m always amazed to count the antennas…

I also checked the “small eternity”-power-button-press; I’ve got the chance faster than I had hoped for. This also worked.

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