Purism unveils plans to build Librem 5, the world's first open smartphone ecosystem

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Specs have been published:

  • 5.7" IPS TFT screen @ 720x1440
  • i.MX8M Quad-core up to 1.5GHz
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB eMMC internal storage + microSD expansion
  • 802.11abgn 2.4GHz / 5GHz + Bluetooth 4
  • Gemalto PLS8 3G/4G modem with one SIM
  • Teseo LIF3 GNSS GPS
  • 8MP front camera
  • 13MP rear camera
  • USB Type-C port
  • User-replaceable 3,500 mAh

My take is, it is a pretty cool phone. Bit expensive, but a unique device given the specs plus the killswitches and the fact it is fully powered by FOSS Linux. Which is a dream come true.

3.5 mAh user replacable hardware. Cameras are probably OKish, USB-C 3 + PD is nice, 3.5 mm still remaining is nice, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for compatibility is decent. Bluetooth 4 I’m not sure about. Why no 5? Which exact version, which firmware? LE? Storage is the same as Fairphone 2 which is like what 5 years younger? No matter, you can expand it with microSD. 3 GB RAM is minimum for a new smartphone IMO. Screen is good enough for my standards. Rest is all expected (no NFC either! And of course it isn’t a fair phone).

Waiting for it… :star_struck:

anbox is already on the Debian repos. Although you need to get the Android image from anywhere else (that’s the reason why it’s on contrib and not on main) and there’s no official arm64 build yet, I tested it on my laptop and looks quite promising as an AOSP-compatibility layer.

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I guess just a typo…should be 3,5Ah or 3500mAh…
No full HD display…not of any interest for me after owning my FP2.
Is this single-SIM…boring…
Although not so important, almost equal camera specs - five years after FP2??

Doesn’t look close to a replacement for my FP2. But anyway nice approach considering FOSS and hopefully nevertheless successful to get the ball rolling just as Fairphone did.


Aye it is a typo. Supposedly the battery makes the phone last 1,5 longer than Fairphone’s 2400 mAh.

Screen, I suppose with Widevine and Netflix (and Prime) you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it anyway if you remove GApps or root your phone. For photos (and non DRM videos), yes it’d work.

Keep in mind the original camera in FP2 wasn’t of good quality. There was an upgraded model in when was it, 2017? MP doesn’t say much anyway.

I wish them well, a FOSS smartphone with hardware killswitches is something I hope to see doing well. I’m waiting to see what FP3 has for offer regardless. :slight_smile:


Well yes I already mean the upgraded version with 12MP which these days is not so competitive anymore (looking at e.g. Huawei’s flagship).

Obviously megapixel does say much to the majority of users jumping from one phone to the next often specifically looking at the MP among few other hard facts such as memory/storage, battery/screen size and stuff.
Little known facts about sensor type, dpi, aperture, lens etc. require more in-depth knowledge which often lacks.
So it’s the usual sales game - the more the better.

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Good news is Purism is shipping the Librem 5 at the end of this month (hence end of Q3).

Bad news is they’re still improving the design. There are different batches which are going to have different improvements. The initial batch will have flaws. See this post for details


Here are some pictures. The front looks like a Fairphone 2 lol https://social.librem.one/@purism/102905810912940662


just saying :wink:
Notification LED Yes (RGB LED with PWM control per color)

An Interview With Zlatan Todoric, Open-Source Developer & Former Purism CTO


https://puri.sm/posts/breaking-ground/ by Nicole Faerber, Purism CTO

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Two news from Purism from 17th December:

  • They have launched and made generally available Librem Server, a Secure and Protected Server Option for Business


2000 USD instead of 700 USD if you want it assembled in the USA.

Component Origin Declaration
Mainboard PCB USA
Mainboard PCBA USA
Electronics USA
Chassis China
Modem Module Germany
WiFi Card India
Packaging USA
Assembly USA
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Wow, that’s a hefty price-plus.
What really strikes me, is the fact, that they are selling this feature with a security argument:

Purism now offers an important Librem 5 option for our customers that have particular concerns around security and the supply chain.

Working-conditions, social aspects or strengthening the local economy are not even mentioned in this article.
A bit sad in my opinion, but not exactly unexpected.


Heh, and it isn’t even completely assembled/sourced in USA.

Fits’s Librem’s target group though. Desire for killswitches, Librem One (their own cloud), and FOSS nature (including firmware).

The paranoia is for physical security of devices. Think implants added on transit. NSA’s TAO are known to add such, but who knows what the Chinese are doing? The security argument counts… for Americans, mainly. For Europeans, the Americans and Chinese and Russians all spy on us. It is just that we’re on better terms with USA.


Probably realistic, given the additional logistics and the very low numbers they are looking at.

Well, seen from their perspective, the way Fairphone AS deals with open software issues may trigger a similar sentiment:

  • FP3 comes with android with the full set of Google apps (Gapps) not removable.
  • There is no official way a user can become “root” of the OS of the FP3.
  • The boot loader of the FP3 is locked. The only way to unlock the boat loader involves wiping the phone.
  • It took months to make the sources of GPL software components even though this is a legal requirement of the license.
  • The documents that officially describe the goals of Fairphone AS do not even mention Free and Open Software, let alone Open Hardware.

I am a little sad that I cannot have both – fairness for production workers AND fairness for end users


That’s not exactly what I meant/how it is.
My feeling of sadness stems from the fact, that Purism producing in America has to be paying fairer prices than the ones that are usually paid in Chinese factories. Plus, I would hope, that working conditions in american factories are better than in chinese (security wise as well as working hours etc.).

So, they (hopefully) do produce more social responsible (not the mining of course) when they offer a phone “Made in America”. STILL: They do advertise it with a focus just on security.

That - to me - is sad in two ways.

  • It doesn’t seem to be important to Purism.
  • They don’t expect it to be important to their customers (most likely a realistic perception) :frowning:
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Anbox on the Librem 5