Publishing Fairphone-specific apps (Launcher, Contact Widget...) on F-Droid

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Oh noez…



-> https://f-droid.org/de/packages/community.fairphone.fplauncher3/


Yes, that’s a known issue on the F-Droid side. However, when they update the web metadata from our repo, that’d be solved. It’s not happening on the Android client, BTW.


I installed the launcher right after publication on LineageOS with microg, but none of the apps has been moved to the inactive section so far. Am I missing something?


I have it on my FP1 and even though I use another launcher (KISS), the inactive section is filled with 75% of my apps. It took a couple of days until apps went to that section, though.


Hm, I don’t know exactly when it was published, but one or two days after, I installed it. So something seems to be ging wrong. Is this the right thread or should I open a new one?


I’m not one of the maintainers, but it might be most efficient if you’d open a new issue report on Github:


Did it, thank you.

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