Publishing Fairphone-specific apps (Launcher, Contact Widget...) on F-Droid

@jnsp: You are right, F-Droid version was 2.0, added on 2017-05-06.
I tested with the version you have provided in your post above, with that one the widget is displayed fine.
Thanks for the quick fix!


Thanks, that was fast! All fine with your download version here, too.

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Great! I’ll update the F-Droid version accordingly this day.

Any suggestion on the icon? I’ll probably implement @paulakreuzer’s suggestion.


Do you mean the app icon?! I don’t think that’s a good idea. Too niche, nobody will understand that.

In my experience, open emojis are handy when making icons, Twidere or EmojiOne v2. We could maybe try that.


Yep, I meant the app icon :smiley:

I think you’re right, this is too niche and nobody outside of the FP community will get it.

We should collect some ideas from the community and then make a poll here in the forum, what do you think?


Is that a problem? The app is not really meant for people outside the FP-universe. And I quite like the idea of Bas being an icon :slight_smile:

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I think that the widget could actually be something that takes the “Fairphone-spirit” to other mobile phones (and maybe their owners eventually breathe in that spirit).

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I don’t know. If the current version will only work well on an FP, then it may indeed not be a bad idea to use a niece icon for now. But if it doesn’t have issues on other devices then I’m sure it will not only be interesting for Fairphoners and therefore should have an appropriate icon.
I’m not aware of another comparable widget on F-Droid and also the “My Apps” widget - if compatible with a wide array of launchers - can surely be of interest for people who for now used “Hangar” (currently the 115th most popular app in “system”, although I think it would fit better in “Theming”).

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If Fairphone could provide me a design guide/manual and maybe some resources, I could create some icons – possibly also for the other future apps.

Also if the current code maintainers could tell me which format and resolutions you need?


Here is the current Fairphone colour guide:

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And here are some FP-style icons:


Different devices need them in different resolutions, have a look at the Android UI guidelines for more informaton about format and resoultion.

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Widgets have icons on the phones as well? I thought the Launcher and both Widgets don’t need any device icons, but only F-Droid store icons?

Yes, they have. They are apps and thus have icons, even when they cannot be launched in the common way. You can observe those icons when installing them or looking at the app list on settings.

An icon mocking the disposition of the widget’s elements could do. It’s practical, though a challenge fitting it in that little space, I guess.

This might be a bigger task then, I can’t promise to get on it during the next days…

Another question for me is more out of principle: Which software and format should be used to keep all the source files open and accessible for anyone? An icon designer should commit those to the repo I guess?

In this regard, I only have proprietary software.

I’m not sure whether the source files for the icons need to be open source too, as long as the pngs are.

For open source software you would use Inkscape (vector) and/or GIMP (raster).

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Please note that some graphics, like these icons, are licensed from a third party and are protected under copyright.

It is great that these widgets, launchers and apps are taken over by the community (woohoo!) but be careful when using designs from the Fairphone website.


Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

I don’t see an “otherwise note”. :wink:

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Clock Widget just hit F-Droid!