Psychedelic screen issues


My screen keeps making lots of pretty patterns and when it does this it becomes unusable i.e. it won’t respond to being touched. I have tried Lineage 17.1 and /e/ which is a fork of Lineage 16.1 and tried a new screen but I still have this issue. Any ideas?

Thank you!

There’s a phenomenon known as noisy coloured pixels - is this your issue?


It’s not quite as extreme as that. At it’s most extreme, in my case, the screen fades to pale colourful lines and becomes completely unresponsive. When this happens I just need to switch the screen off and on again. But more commonly, I find the odd part of the screen flickers or gets a bit colourful before returning to normal after a couple of seconds.

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Does the screen respond when you pinch or flex the phone, or when you give it a slap to the back?

If it does (or probably even if it doesn’t, to be fair), it’s most likely a contact issue - the gold contacts of the screen not making good contact with the gold contacts of the core module. You can try taking the screen off, cleaning the contacts on both parts with isopropyl alcohol, and reassembling. This often fixes a flickery screen.


OK, I will try this. Thank you.

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