Proximity sensor issue

Hi -
My phone screen is instantly going black during calls, and the only way to hang up the call is by short-pressing the power button. This means I’m unable to press any buttons during calls, eg to delete voicemail messages.
I’ve tried running Settings > Maintenance > Proximity Sensor, and when I try to run the Proximity Sensor tool, it reports “Something went wrong, please try again. Make sure you cover the sensor area completely.” The tool reports exactly the same, no matter how many times I run it, and no matter whether or not I am covering the sensor area - so I am unable to complete a recalibration. The sensor was working fine yesterday.
Also, this problem started before I updated to the latest OS, and has persisted even after the update.
Are there any new ideas for fixing the proximity sensor, or getting the sensor software to work properly? Or should I buy a new sensor - is it part of the Top Module spare part?

Have you tried to clean the sensor?
Yes, it’s part of the top module.

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I took out the top module and cleaned the connectors and sensor. This solved the problem, in that the phone blanks and un-blanks the screen correctly during calls - but interestingly, the proximity sensor tool in Settings still reports “Something went wrong, please try again”.
So it looks as though cleaning is a great idea, but there’s still a problem somewhere in the software/firmware. But I can live with that, now that my phone works again.
Thanks for your help.


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