Proximity sensor goes crazy in sunlight (WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook Messenger, Stock Dialer, WaveUp)

today I noticed, it did not happen when BT earbuds are connected, can anyone reproduce this?

Edit @Razem: Whatsapp message

Under which circumstances? Phone call? Or in general? It is possible that if BT headphones are connected, then most apps do not turn off the display using the PROXIMITY_SCREEN_OFF_WAKE_LOCK (because putting the phone to your ear at that point doesn’t make sense). But this still does not mean that the proximity sensor returns the correct value.

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Yesterday the sun was master in an empty sky. When we were in bright sunlight (as in standing on a pond, 6m into a sun lit pond/lake), it was quite difficult to make a photography, as the screen was almost black. The reflection of photographer’s face dominates the image on-screen.
In half shade, under trees and leaves, there was no problem.
Pointing in other directions, where the photographer’s face isn’t lit by direct sunlight at all, the photo preview is much better, but that’s a different scene. That isn’t the lake but trees on it’s banks.
So indeed, in high light, the screen turns dark. The direct opposite of what one would expect.
I expect the, when reading in lowly lit conditions the screen should be dimmed.
Taking photographs in highlight conditions, traditional cameras will show that almost ideal situation. Most digital cameras do that too: show a dark scene without enhanced colours (when the naked eye sees mostly gray and dark colours). And show a sunliybeach or mountain view.
My latest Samsung phone/camera would ‘enhance’ evening pictures and almost make-believe that it were noon. Plain daylight though were plain daylight, and easily visible.
A small Pentax camera leaves the option to diminish the glitter reflection on water but let’s me choose whether to use that or not.

Yesterday’s experience in bright sunlight wasn’t really what I wanted, so few photo’s can document that day.

The bug is confirmed and shall be fixed asap

Hey everyone,
just so this thread does not go to sleep:
Build FP4.TP1X.C.079.20231013
At the end of august i got a mail from customer support, which told me that the issue was definitely identified and they aim to fix it in an upcoming update in october. The update came and went and yesterday I was bothered again by the same issues as always. Even the worst outcome, the soft-locking still happened. Short summary what that was: When the proximity sensor gets hit with a rapid succession of direct sunlight and shadows, it may put the phone into a soft lock because of going back and forth betwen “ear mode” and normal mode, where you can not do anything, until a certain process has finished. In my case the screen goes black and I can’t unlock the phone anymore, until the process (playback of voice messages in my case) is finished. Only then my phone works as expected again.
I really hope it will be solved one day.

That was another issue tjat was fixed, this here is not fixed and some of us send log reports in sep.

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Yeah I noticed that the issue got grouped together with “automatic brightness issues”, from which I don’t and never did suffer. But I can only repeat what the customer support mail said, they said they identified this issue and will address it and for me, this did not happen.

Well they can mix things up as well and you might get back to them to ask what happened

Now that summer is around the corner. I havent ever received any feedback after sending logs. Did you ever get any feedback?
@anon64862762 could you enlighten us what the starus is also when FP calls it a wont fix, as the current situation is a bit frustrating.

No, I didn’t get any feedback. :frowning: