Providing the Fairphone in the Middle East and producing a laptop with the same idea

The idea of your product (Fairphone) is wonderful and offers a modern and effective solution for the user. I hope it will be available soon in my country.
I hope you will think of applying the same idea to produce a laptop that is easy to disassemble, install and maintain
We really need this, as I suffer from the high cost of laptops and also the difficulty of maintaining them in the event of a problem or the possibility of updating them in view of the rapid development of various engineering programs. I hope you will help us in this matter


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There is something simmilar:
It’s not fair as Fairphone, but it’s reperable and semi modular. Check it out.


Hi @Mohamed_gabr

There is a laptop that fits your description as you didn’t mention the core issue of fair trade.




We’re only the Fairphone community, so if you wish to reach the company directly, please #contactsupport :slight_smile:


Thank you for the explanation
Yes I agree with you
The price of the laptop is high, while the capabilities of the graphics card are not suitable for the work of engineering programs or montage