Protective Screen cover compatible with Case cover

Hi, quick one, IS the “Fairphone 4 Screen Protector” compatible with the “Fairphone 4 Protective Soft Case”?

Maybe im overreading this but I csnt find this explicitly mentioned.

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Overthinking not really :slight_smile: The screen protector is incredibly thin give the flexibility of the case I can’t see why you would have thought their could be a problem.

Some others will be able to confirm this from first hand experience, but Fairphone only just started their Fairphone Easy offer (in the Netherlands) which actually requires (point 4.7) participating users to use both of these on their FP4.

Because with other manufacturers this sometimes is an issue. I just wanted to make sure that I dont waste the money. It should be stated on the product “compatible” or “recommended to use with”. You want to make sure people have no questions left when you spend this much money. Just my opinion.

Thanks for the confirmation!

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As they are all sold by the same company and made for them I imagine the notion that they are automatically compatible.

I can imagine and can see reports of incompatible, chargers, cables, SD card and even some SIMs all of which may work in other phones.

So out of curiosity which manufacturers make screen protectors that are not compatible with their cases, that does seem odd.?

When I bought my OnePlus 3T, there were different kinds of protectors available, some of them had a different shape which only allowed for those plastic protective screen covers that you replace every now and then, not a hard tempered glass one. I dont know if this is still the case but it was back then.

Sorry have no experience of those items.

So you are saying
a) " there were different kinds of protectors available" meaning cases or phone protectors

b) “which only allowed for those plastic protective screen covers” referring to the screen protectors

c) Then there is the issue of if these were all made by One*

Here all are ‘made’ by Fairphone for the individual models and there are no different kinds just one case and a choice of screen protector with privacy or not.

The case is soft plastic TPU and will more than likely stretch to cover two protective covers and a couple of spare €*00 notes in the back

Yes, they are. I bought both the protective case and the blue-filtering screen protector. Both sit perfectly on the phone together.

The protective case does not raise on top of the screen much, which may be an issue if dropping the phone on rough pavement and it lands face down. But that’s a different issue, which does not really concern the screen protector, which is less than a millimeter thick.


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Thanks for providing a hands on view, rather than theoretical.

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