Protective Case for FP3

I have just preordered the FP3. Before it arrives I would like to get a case for it - I am notoriously clumsy with my phones. Can anyone recommend where I could buy this or whether they will become available from FP directly? Is the case for FP2 compatible?


I’m pretty sure FP won’t make additional covers. The FP3, like the FP2 comes with an integrated backcover and additionally a bumper. Sure extra protection can always be helpful, but I don’t think it’s feasible for Fairphone to design them themselves.

The two phones have quite different dimensions - the FP3 being larger - so I don’t think there are covers that are (well) compatible with both.

I’d just ask grandma to knit something nice from certified eco-cotton. :slight_smile:


You can see the FP3 bumper at the bottom of the Shop page.


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