Protective case for FP3+ make its receivers/transmitters work harder?

I recently bought a protective rubber case for my FP3+, and it feels like my battery drains quicker now. Might the rubber case muffle receivers/transmitters for wifi/data/bluetooth/gps and therefore, as these tools would require more power to work properly, they drain the battery quicker? Or, does the cover not affect performance at all?

Hi @Gavin Welcome to the forum.

I bought with a case and haven’t tried without. Will do some tests.

The case will affect the radio a little, very little but I would imagine it is so small that it can be ignored and not the cause of any issues you perceive.

Can you present any data for people to consider, rather than your feelings which would not only hard to assess but more so to attribute to the radio signals being attenuated.

Do you have figure for the night when you are not using it.

One night with the case another without. Try each in aeroplane first then on the next occasions after enabling aeroplane mode, just enable wifi for example to see if you can rule than out.

If the battery is fully charged (100%) I get about 1% drop overnight in aeroplane mode. If the battery is 90% charged I get around 2 to 3 percent.

Over time with more apps being used and running etc. the battery will degrade at an ever increasing rate, though not often noticed. How long have you had the battery

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