Protective case - black/green vs. blue

My green case is the original and is over a year old. It has stretched a bit but the phone is secure and it has not discoloured.

I work with soil and oil so it I have had to clean it, but it is definitely green and no shade of yellow. Mind you yellow, if it was bright, would be fine by me.

Thanks for your feedback! (I think the green cover is still the only one not made with 100% recycled plastics)

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You probably noticed already, but just to make sure: Just today a 30€ discount was announced.


Yes so they say ? but

Made with 37% biomaterials and non-toxic plastic
Fairphone 3 - Protective Case Green | Fairphone

Thanks! Looking at the display side it seems as bulk as the original bumper, I hoped it was a little thinner… I will buy the blue or green one soon anyway :slight_smile:

Sure it is really a bumper with a back :slight_smile: Mind you maybe the bumper were even fatter.

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didn’t notice thanks again!

Regarding bumper vs. protective case: I would say the bumper sits a little bit tighter on the phone simply because its construction allows so – unlike the protective case, you can (and should) take off the bumper towards the front of the phone (not possible with the case because it has a back). This makes it easier to take it off, thus allowing a slightly tighter sitting. It might also make the whole thing less bulky, however that might be more down to the fact that there’s no back, so you get to feel the “net” phone thickness only (index finger gets to rest on the back cover, not the case).

With regard to the colours, I have now gotten ahold of a blue case and I would definitely call the hue smurf blue. :sunglasses:

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