Protective battery box to keep your spare Fairphone battery safe (when on the go)


As probably many agree, having a spare battery is one of the major benefits of having a Fairphone. However, batteries should be treated with care. They are complex and fragile products that could cause fires or damage to your device when treated poorly. Just having one in your pocked might not be a great idea.

I use the box below to safely carry it in my backpack/jacket. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a nice wooden alternative, so I got this plastic one. It’s for regular batteries, but the FP4 battery fits nicely, especially if you keep the anti-static wrap around the battery. It doesn’t move at all. So no sounds, and also no chance of damage with regular use.

Just sharing some ideas here :slight_smile:


That’s a nice idea, and a wooden one would be very stylish.
I think, that the plastic case of the Battery itself should be safe enough, but more is better!
Absolutely a thing to think about.

You could try to look for jewelry boxes etc. Like for earrings and such stuff. They are more likely to be wooden and/or pretty. Then just check the size and glue some foam stuff in it.

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