Protection-Level of the Fairphone Protective Case

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I dropped FP3 from a height of 3 meters, it was in official case which is nice and thick. The phone survived without any trace of damage. The phone is robust in itself, and some reviews described it as rugged, much so than any other phone in its category, iPhone or Samsung for example which are made out of glass which cracks as soon as it drops (I never used wireless charging so I never asked for glass, it was always a reason to get a case). Now that I think about it I think in its case the phone is practically indestructible as far as accidental drops go.


(provided it’s in the case or the included bumper, which is not provided in the FP3+) Please make sure you protect your phone if you are buying one!

Thank you all for your answers.
Last Sunday I ordered

  • a Faiphone 3+
  • a Fairphone 3 Protective Case Black
  • and also the Fairphone 3 Screen Protector with Blue Light Filter

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I did the same when I bought mine and I’m quite satisfied with the case. I never had the chance to experience how good it is (luckily) but it seems well done.

The blue light filter didn’t work, the upper right part couldn’t stick to the display. I wrote to the support and they offered to replace it (then i decided to have a USB cable instead because I don’t think I really need a screen protector).



I received my Fairphone yesterday and I also hope, that I will never have the “chance” to test the Protective Case.
But it really looks (and feels) very stable and robust.

Glad, tha I ordered the Protective Case because the Bumper is not included in the package of the Fairphone 3+

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