Pros & Cons of Lockscreen Access

I’ve realized I can change the volume and the mode (ringing/vibrating/silence) without unlocking the screen. Quite handy if you want to change fast, you save some moves, but not very safe if you have a child playing with your phone (which shouldn’t happen!) or a friend/colleague who wants to pull a practical joke.
How is it on other phones?
I’ve always been amazed that you can take pictures with an iPhone without unlocking the screen: I wonder how many teenagers end up with pictures of someone else’s private parts without noticing until they try to show their mum some pictures of a cute kitty…

Interesting thoughts, I thought they deserve their own topic, so I moved your post here. :wink:

Maybe it would be a nice “security” feature to get a notification about pictures taken when the screen was locked the next time you unlock it?

Well, on my fairphone you can’t take pictures if the screen isn’t unlocked, so it’s already better than on an iPhone for me.
About the volume controls, I guess it would be interesting to let the option to freeze them if the screen is locked (but has anyone had a problem? My thoughts were purely hypothetical…).

Why can’t you take pictures with the screen locked?

I guessed it’s the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? I have open os, I need draw a scheme to unlock the screen. The volume controls work with unlocked screen but not the camera button. I’m quite happy about that as explained. If I push the on button when the screen is locked, I see the shortcuts for the phone and the camera. If I try to lift the camera, I need to unlock the screen with my scheme.

But you can pull the unlock icon with the camera (on the right) to the middle to start the camera.

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I don’t need to capture my private parts with someone else’s phone. I can capture my private parts with my phone and send the photos via e-mail/WhatsApp/Snapchat/MMS to my victim. BTW: Is anyone giving photos of his/her private parts to someone else at all? That sounds very stupid.

Yes, but then I need to enter my pattern to unlock the screen before I can use the camera. I think that it’s a good thing actually. Maybe some users would like to have the possibility to take a picture without unlocking the screen (there must be a way to do it using the accessibility options).

Well I hope there are not a lot of people doing so on an iPhone, but I guess that the difference would be the phone owner not knowing where the pictures come from (i.e. to whom the private parts belong). It actually works with pictures of something else: do you want people to take pictures at all on your phone without knowing?

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