Profile Manager for the FP Open?

I can’t find anything like the ProfileManager or Profile Scheduler. What I want is just to define two or three profiles like “at night” (only phone calls, no WhatsApp or other messages alarm), “silent” (nothing to hear), “vibration” (nothing to hear, but all alarms by vibration). I don’t want to manage user profiles…
Thanks for help!

Hi. I think that I use all the modes you are talking about quite easily with standard features of the phone. Look at the first tip here:
Should help you for silent mode.

Only vibration? Push one of the volume button then be sure to have the mode “all” on and click on the bell. You will see a phone on vibration instead of the bell (just as on the picture of the first tip).

Night mode? Same procedure but click on priority. Priority settings can be changed under settings/sounds and notifications/ringtones

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