Process system not responding when trying to call someone

Hey, I have the same issue with the FP2. Probably after installing the latest OS update. I did the factory reset, no change. Ever time I try to make a phone call this happens. So it can’t be related to any app issue. I have the phone for only a month now, it worked until the OS update.

Some more information needed: Which provider do you have? How old is your SIM-card?

Provider is o2. The SIM-card is a couple of years old. I cut it myself from standard Mini-SIM to Nano-SIM. It worked until three weeks ago.

I just tried the RocketDial phone app. No change.

Try a different SIM card (borrow one from a friend/family member or get a new one from your provider).

Just tried a 1&1 SIM from a colleague. Same problem.

Okay, so we can rule out a problem with your SIM card. Since you say this started with the latest update, you can downgrade to 1.1.7.

Open this file found here with your Fairphone Updater.

Just tried the 1.1.7 and even the open source os. I is alsways the same. Downgrading for me seemd to be last hope. Anymore ideas?

Have you disassembled your phone? If yes, then check that all screws are tight. If this doesn’t help, then you need to contact Fairphone support.

No disassembly. I got in contact with support team today and I will send in the phone. Anyway, thanks very much for the help. Kind regards, Patric.

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