Process system isn't responding. Do you want to close it now?


after having some of the earlier Fairphone troubles, necessitating two earlier hard reboots, here’s another one. Over the past days the phone gave me the message “Process system isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?” and gave me the options “Wait” or “OK”. Whatever one clicks, no effect, the screen just goes black.

A reboot via recovery mode does not seem to solve the problem, it just restarts after a number of minutes (and drains the battery). The phone is unusable.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!!

Ok, that may related to a new app. Have you installed something at a time that you can relate the issues coming up?

If nothing else helps, a factory reset may help by resetting your phone to defaults. But you will lose all data on the phone and have to reinstall all apps. See:

Just to be sure, make a backup, even of the files on the sd-card.

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