Problems with USB OTG on lineageOS 14.1 (offical)

it´s only working good with the special update…
So 18.2.0 is the image to look at !! :slight_smile:

EDIT: i flashed Lineage again and like Drezil says the PCB is still not recognized …
but i looked into last_kmsg and there…

usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor=2341, idProduct=8037
usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
usb 1-1: Product: Arduino Micro
usb 1-1: Manufacturer: Arduino LLC

EDIT: this maybe could be the fix:

EDIT: is not added to handheld_core_hardware.xml

so does adding these lines in those files fix the problem?

what exactly should change? we should then also update the lineage-os-packages on github :slight_smile:

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No nothing changed … :confused:

We do have the file system/etc/permissions/


I didn’t even know that there’s a USB back connector on the FP2 :slight_smile:
Maybe this commit broke it…


Yeah that’s true but in handheld_core_hardware.xml it was missing… :slight_smile: thought this would solve the problem…

Hmm that could be possible … How to fix?

I checked also last_kmsg and there the uC gets noticed as Arduino Micro, which is correct, so I think the cummincation would basicly work but something blocks it…

Herr you can see the last logs with logcat:

For me it does not even recognize anything in logcat…
Latest lineage ota

Can you compile a test-image for us so that we can see if this was indeed the problem? Or if it is something else?

here’s a boot.img that has the commit reverted

Flash with fastboot:
fastboot flash boot FP2_boot_back_usb.img

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will try that, thanks.

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that fixed it. The back-usb now recognizes the chip. :slight_smile:


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How can I use this ? :slight_smile:

hmmm. good and bad. I disabled this, as I think it reduces power consumption quite visibly.

I`m now able to connect to the DIY-shield but after opening a serial connection and unplugging the usb-cable from the FP2, it´s rebooting…

EDIT: I`m trying to log the problem but can´t find out ( or better I can´t see the problem) in the last_kmsg…

Maybe someone could have a look at => IT <= …

I just noticed, that Bluetooth is not recognized anymore…
Is it my phone or could the patch have something to do with it.

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