Problems with tracklistings on music albums transferred to Fairphone 2

I’ve transferred music over onto my Fairphone and it mostly works fine, but maybe 1 in 10 albums lose their correct tracklisting and I can’t find a way to fix them. Instead of being the correct order, these occasional albums revert to alphabetical track order.

I’ve gone into the file data for the tracks, and they’re correctly marked with the track numbers, so I really don’t know what to do. There doesn’t seem to be any way to edit track details within Google Play music on the phone.

Is there any way to fix this?

Also, is there some sort of iTunes-like PC based organisation program that I can use to connect to the Fairphone?


I think I’ve had this problem (just in a handful of cases though) myself a while ago. Have a look at the actual file names (similar to, but not identical to the track name) of these tracks … do they include the track numbers, too?

The file name has track numbers ‘01 track name’ etc but the song title doesn’t have the number. I guess if I add the right numbers manually to the song titles it will correct the tracklisting as it’ll still be alphabetical. Thanks!

I was still hoping to find a less labour intensive way of fixing it, or rather preventing it from happening at all, as I’m looking to replace my dead 160GB iPod and I’ll be transferring hundreds of albums.

Are your music files mp3 instead of AAC?

They’re mostly .m4a files as I ripped them from CD with iTunes

The sort order may depend on which file arrived on the respective storage first. May be fixed by correcting sort order in the playing program of your choice. If unsure, fix sorting by adding a m3u file containing the files in correct order (and use a program which supports m3u files).

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