Problems with the Fairphone Launcher

The way the Fairphone launcher works can be a bit annoying. In no particular order:

  • If there is nothing left on a home screen it removes that screen.
  • If you add a widget it will add a new screen but only to the right of any existing ones.
  • The “main” home screen changes as you add others, so if you set up a screen with the apps you want on the main screen but then add another screen via a widget you end up with the original “main” home screen being demoted. You then have the issue of trying to move those icons across to the new screen. If you have a full screen widget on there now this is impossible.

There are other

I can’t see the logic in this setup. There should be a central screen that doesn’t change and you should have the ability to add widgets to screens either side of this. You certainly shouldn’t find the main screen gets changed.

The main screen is always the one in the middle - or left to the middle with even numbers.
And you can move screens by long taping them, so you don’t need to move the Apps & Widgets.


Thanks Paul, knowing that I could move the screens would have saved me a some time! I’ve always used Nova launcher before so got used to that.

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