Problems with phone calls


I’ve got a FP2 and have been experiencing heavy bugs since two weeks now during phone calls.
When I call or get called, the other person does not hear me, when I accept the call ‘normally’. Only if I call or accept with speakers on, the other person can hear me. Is this a known bug?

I got another bug with WhatsApp: If I get a WhatsApp call, there is no ringtone, but I get a message with sound that there was an unanswered call and I have to call them back. Maybe both problems are linked?

Any suggestions or ideas? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much!

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Have you used the checkup tool set to verify if your primary microphone works well?

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Maybe the bottom module is damaged (loudspeaker and main mic are on the same module).
Do you have a fairphone angel in your city? maybe you could check, if the module is broken.

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Hi Luka
I can’t help but I have the exact same problem, I rarely use the phone for voice calls but I’ve just started to look at rectifying this. The forum and advice says ‘change the bottom module’ I’ve jut been reading that someone has changed the bottome module four times now and it is still not working. I’d like to hear from Fairphone technical themselves as this does seem a problem.

Every technical case is different. What doesn’t work for someone could work for you and @Luka The sources of the problems can differ too.

This is a community forum, Fairphone technical employees don’t read this. If you want official help, unfortunatly you have to contact the official support :frowning:


I have a similar problem with my FP2 and thought it might be a question regarding my prepaid tarif (Lebara) which I only use for surfing etc, which goes ok. I use normally an extra classical phone. I did not yet check with Lebara.

Thanks Markus, I am going through that channel, just got to work out how to photograph the inside of my phone when I only have one phone! But I’ll get there. It does seem to be a recurring fault, like the restart when switching off, I now always engage torch before switching off, its a bit mad.

Do you have the latest update? This bug was fixed a looong time ago…


Hi there all,
I have this issue too and my fp2 is up to date. I have checked all the options in the check up and all are working fine. Has anyone been in touch with technical help? If so, what did they say?

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