Problems with Google Photos and Access to Photos in General

Dear FP-COMMUNITY, I have a FP2 with the newest software. The Google camera and photos app do not work smoothly anymore. Photos turn out blurred. In addition, photos take a long time to be opened and deleted in the photos app. It constantly loads. The same is true when I try to acess the photos through settings “storage & usb”. It takes hour to calculate… What can I do to improve the situation? Using different apps? I’m having the impression that the problems goes beyond that… Thank you!

If you have an SD card in the phone, and if you let Android add that to the internal storage so that Apps can be moved to the card, then overall performance and especially file system access speed could very well suffer depending on the card.

I use my SD card as external storage, but I configured OsmAnd to have its data on the SD card so that my offline maps don’t clog up internal storage … and the map rendering speed of OsmAnd went down noticeably compared to using internal storage. The SD card is not a slow one, but the effect is still very much visible.


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