Problems with forum using standard FP browser

Good morning!
I just had a problem using the forum on my FP. I started writing a post, and suddenly the post was posted without me wanting to (I was trying to type in a smilie: : - ( - maybe I hit enter, I am not sure). Then I wanted to edit the post to continue writing, but that was not possible, so I wanted to delete and start again.
Now the post is still there with a comment “will be removed in 24 hours blabla”. Why can’t it just be removed if you delete it like 1 minute after posting?
Then I wrote the post again and completed it, at the end of it (a sad battery issue) again I wanted to type the smilie : - ( - and this time the post disappeared completely! I could not find it any more. So I wanted to type it a third time, but then the reply-button did not react any more. I then tried to edit the 1st deleted post, but that was not possible either. I then got up and got my laptop and came to forum from it, and tadaaa! my 2nd attempt was still in the “reply window”, and then I posted it.
But I must say it was a bit unnerving trying to write from the FP and not really being able to.

So my questions would be:
do others have similar problems and what could I haven done differently?
why does a deleted post stay in the topic for 24 hours?

thank you!

this is the topic I meant:

I sometimes have similiar problems. I’d try quitting the browser, clearing the cache and then try again.

The standard browser on FP1 is seriously outdated.

You should consider switching to Firefox or Chrome for the sake of a better web experience and security!

Firefox: Mozilla FTP, Firefox @ Google Play
Chrome: Chrome @ Google Play

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