Problems with fingerprint and pedometer

Hello together. I have several problems with my Fairphone 3+.

  1. the fingerprint sensor does not work. There is always a message that it is dirty. Even when I have just cleaned it. I wanted to perform a test via the maintenance menu, but this is also not possible.

  2. for two days the pedometer has also stopped working (since 12.02.). I tested this with two different apps, SHealth and pedometer, both did not work. I use Android 10.

Is this error known and is there a way to fix it? Thank you very much.

best regards

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Problem 1 is well known to me (my ff3) too. It has started not long after having bought it…
So, I have almost stopped using this fingerprint sensor thingy…

In one word: I am as keen as Chio on knowing any suggestion how to successfully deal with the problem…

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