Problems with deleting old photos

My mum got her fairphone 2 a few days ago.
She has photos from her old phone on the sdcard which she is using with her fairphone.
It is not possible to delete these old photos via “photos app”. On her old phone she used “gallery”.

If we try to delete an old photo it says “element cannot be deleted. google photos has no access to the element that shall be erased. open “gallery” app for continuing deleting process.”

How can we solve this problem?
Is it possible to install “gallery” again?

The problem is the restricted access to the SD card under Android 5. You may try it with the preinstalled file manager Amaze, which is able to ask for a writing permission on the SD card (for example when you create a new folder). Or connect the phone to a PC and delete your files via the PC.


Thanks a lot. It worked!