Problems with accessing files and taking pictures

Hello everyone,

I have installed LineageOS biuld from 2020-08-18 on my new PF3.

When trying to take pictures (stock app) it says: “Insert and SD card before using the camera”.

However, I can access the SD card from the ‘files’ app and adb.

Formatting the SD card from the phone didn’t help out either :frowning:

When trying to take a screenhot, it fails because of “limited storage space”. Current storage is 48GB free on the phone and 7GB free on the SD card.

What I also notice, is that accessing “FP3” in the ‘files’ app, pulls up a bunch of folders with cryptic names such as ‘OsyPcCcX7oeg…’. Accessing ‘Downloads’ says “Can’t load content at the moment” but ‘Images’ mentions “No items”.

I suspect some permission problem but can’t find out what’s going on.

Anybody can help me out here ?


You might want to install it all over again. Wipe everything and install LOS afresh, it might come from a problem during the installation (sometimes, factory resets aren’t enough). You might also want to install the latest LOS build, though I doubt it’ll change anything.

There’ve been a couple of reports of this happening when using adopted storage. I haven’t seen any information on whether this is corrupted media index (rebuilding of the index should fix that - usually happens automatically but takes time, otherwise deleting data for the ‘media storage’ app or whatever it’s called in Android 10 [be sure to select ‘Show system’, if applicable] will trigger a rebuild), or whether there’s an impact on decryption of the adopted storage.


From TWRP, I wiped Dalvik, System and Data.

Reinstalled LineageOS 16.0 2018-08-18 (was the latest image). But the same problem persisted.

I’ll try now with /e/.

When I check the ‘Media Storage’ app, it list 35.99 MB used on internal storage. I cleared storage and cache. After a reboot, the same problem still persists.

When I try to select the Gallery, it immediately fails with ‘No external storage available’.

Using /e/, I can take pictures.

Also, accessing the internal storage turns up the expected list of directories.

Sticking to /e/ for a while until LineageOS port is official I guess.