Problems loading mail attachment > fetching attachment

Hello everybody. I have a problem with my Email App. When there is an attachment with it, it doesn’t show it in the mail but only shows “load more”. When I click on this, a new window appears “Fetching attachment” but it only turns and turns and nothing happens.

Can anybody help me ?

Thanks a lot,


Sorry for the late reply.
What eMail App are you using?
Does this happen when connected to Wifi, mobile internet or both?

Using both. I use the normal email app. I have another problem. It only shows me the last 100 mails, the older disappear. On my computer also (which was synchronised with the fairphone through my google account) but on my laptop it shows me all my mails.


Sent from my FairPhone

I don’t use the standard eMail App, nor Google, but you can probably change how many Mails are downloaded in the settings of either the eMail App or your Google Account. Maybe there is also a setting for a file size limit for attachments?

I’m afraid that could be the normal behavior of this app. On FP1, the default mail app only allowed about 20 (!) mails at once. So totally unusable when offline.

Then I switched to K9 Mail, where I could set the maximum number to 1000, but this sometimes made my internet (when having a bad conection) almost unusable and drained my battery, because the app always synchronized hundereds of messages (once I even found my inbox empty when I lost my wifi conection!!).

Now I finally ended up with MailDroid. It’s the first app for Android that stores as many messages on your phone as you want (or run out of disk space). The pro version is quite expensive (I bought it after testing it for a month and being happy for the first time with an email app), but if you can live with the adds, you get a real cool program for free.

Then you must have limited the download cache or sth. My K9 downloads every mail once and has no limit whatsoever.

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No I never limited anything. It was really strange. When I found my inbox empty and experienced this battery drain, I had a very weak wifi connection that sometimes got lost and because I was waiting for a mail, I tapped “synchronize” every ten seconds and it really seemed to always synchronize all these mails.