Problems changing from 4G to 3G

I need to switch to 3G in order to connect to a Vodaphone SureSignal which gives more signal in my house using a broadband router. But when I go to Settings>more>mobile networks>preferred network type, though 3G is given as an option it continually reverts to 4G. Any suggestions?

Hi Rebecca,
do you use just one or two sim-cards ?

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I use two SIM cards - one with EE, which works better at home, and one with Vodaphone, which works better at my workplace. However, I need to be able to receive work calls at my home.

You have to change the settings for both, when you are at home.

That’s interesting. I’ve done that, but it still doesn’t work, unfortunately. – it still seems not to be able to detect the Vodaphone network from the SureSignal plug.

I recommend troubleshooting this by removing the non-vodaphone SIM temporarily. Check what connection type the SIM is set to after the other SIM has been removed - it sometimes changes when the number of SIMs is changed. If it is set to 3g and doesn’t work, there may be an issue with the SureSignal. If it does work, then probably the other SIM was binding the 3g/4g modem, and forcing the Vodaphone SIM to 2g. This can be configured correctly, but first figure out whether that’s the problem.


Does your phone not automatically connect to the SureSignal on 3G if the 4G signal is weak? Please check this in Settings > About my phone > Status > SIM card status. Maybe it is already using UMTS or HSPA+, pointing to 3G.

Having 4G set does not disable 3G. Your phone will automatically fall back to 3G if there is no working 4G network within reach.

Thank you thank you Johannes – yes! For the first time I have a Vodaphone signal at home!

Now what do I do to allow me to add in the EE SIM?


When you have both SIMs in the phone, you’ll need to set the EE sim to 2G mode, and after that set the Vodaphone SIM to 3G (they cannot both have a 3G connection at the same time). There is a strange bug that affects some phones/providers, but not others, where the 2G option will be missing. If you’re unlucky in that regard, this post may help.

Now that I have both SIM cards back in my phone, the SIM status is ‘network unknown, signal strength 0 mobile network type unknown, service status voice: out of service, data: out of service, roaming: not roaming, mobile network state:disconnected, my phone number: unknown, imei 359069070890936, IMEI SV 01

All that despite the fact that the phone is 2 metres from the SureSignal.

And no, the only way I have found to connect to the Sure Signal at all is by taking out the EE SIM card, leaving the Vodaphone SIM card in on its own. I’m hoping Johannes will let me know how to make it work with the EE SIM card in.

Ok. What network type do you get on the EE sim and did you follow the instructions of Johannes already to switch the EE sim to 2G and the Vodafone sim to 3/4G?

He told me to switch both to 3G – there isn’t an option to switch the EE Sim to 2G

Sorry – missed Johannes’s last email. Trying the trick he recommends.


This now works. Thank you so much.



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