Problems after update

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I had no issues before installing this update yesterday. Since then I have had problems with unresponsive screen and/or screen covered in minute coloured pixels. I had to restart my phone multiple times and remove and replace the battery. Still playing up.

Hi @fairground

You topic title is a bit vague as it doesn’t mention the OS or update, would you mind changing the title to Problems after FPOS A10 0101 update or even mention the actual problem in the topic

Restart Problems after FPOS A10 0101 update

However it sounds like a loose screen so maybe you check the modules connections ~ and just coincidental that you did an update.


Please send image of where these screws are located. Also where do I buy the correct tool? There wasn’t one in the box the phone came in,

Just follow the link 'FP3 Display freezes!.." in amouns post, in this discussion you can find the picture.

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Thank you - just need to find the correct tool - there wasn’t one in the box the phone came in.

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It’s a PH00 screwdriver as far as I know. Make sure it’s fairly new and fits perfectly.


If you bought the phone from Fairphone it should have a screw driver, contact support@fairphone.com and tell them, ask for a few spare screws while you’re at it :slight_smile:


Thank you,
I did buy it new from Fairphone, but the screwdriver is missing. My daughter set it up for me, so I don’t know whether there was one in the box.

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How are you getting on with the issue? I doubt it is an update related issue, but as your daughter set it up please ensure you do not have an SD card formatted as Internal storage. On the option of reinstalling please see.

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