Problems after new FP3.A.0033 update

Hi! I recently did the FP3 3.A.0033 update. After this I have several things I would like to have changed:

  • Nearly all of my contacts from my phone are gone!!
  • There is no clock on the bar on to of my screen
  • There is no clock on the desktop screen
  • There is a Google bar I do not want

I have tried to look at the settings, for the 3 last items, but have not managed to solve any of them.

Can someone help me get my contacts back and make me be able to read the time?



Did the same. So far, there are two issues:

  • “At a Glance” (date and weather) is doubled, but both linked to different apps

  • Main camera doesn’t work or, mere new photes will not be saved (but selfie camera works)

Actually I also have a problem with my photos. I can make them, but not delete them.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

There’s already a thread about this issue here.

The newest update is FP3 3.A.0045. I’d recommend you to do this update and check whether the issue has vanished or not.

That’s the Google Launcher which isn’t that customizable. There’s a thread about this annoyance - I’d recommend you to switch to another launcher as proposed there :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer! I tried to look for the new update on my phone, but cannot find it… In the settings it says I have the latest update. Any tips on where I can look for it?

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Is there a chance that your’re a vodafone customer?
There are known Issues if you’re using a Vodafone-SIM or a provider that’s using the Vodafone network-infrastructure, as vodafone sometimes is blocking new updates.
In that case you’d have to insert a SIM card from a different provider to get the update.


i cannot see who’s calling anymore… all callers are anonymous

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I think that all of the issues have been reported (and solved) before. Just search the forum for “Android 10”, maybe combined with “contacts” and “launcher”.

Good luck!


Please check this thread: Bug: Android 10 FP3 - Unknown Caller
You’ll find the workaround here.

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You can manually update your phone by following this instructions on the FP support page:

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You can check the discussion about this problem in the following thread. No known solution yet.
Camera is not storing pictures after ugrade to Android 10