Problem with Xprivacy under OOS 16.08.0

after having installed the Update 16.08.0 and the Xprivacy App I got the problem, that I can’t enter the “Kontakte”-App anymore. It always says: "“Kontakte” wurde beendet."
I already went into the PMP-app and allowed all there. And I rebooted the phone after that change. But it didn’t help to enter the Kontakte app.
Does anybody have an idea what to do to get the Kontakt app running again?

What do you mean with PMP-app?
After “Contacts terminated” look into XPrivacy Activity Log and watch out for the “no entry” sign (red with white bar) to control which permissions were forbidden. Forbidden permissions of background processes which are needed for Contacts could also be the problem.

Hi Antimailer, thank you a lot for your replay! But I did not manage to run The “Kontacts”. I have done some Screenshots, hoping, that it tells you something about mistakes I have done. I just have to learn how to get The Screenshots into this message.

I am back again at my kontakts! The idea was to flash my phone again with and now it works all again.

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