Problem with WhatsApp and others after Update to 1.8.5


since the update the connection to WhatsAppWeb breaks often. Also on the phone I often receive WhatsApp messages only after open whatsapp - so the pushservice seams not to work.
The same with google mail - the mails are not pushed any more.

Anyone else with that problemes?


I don’t know if whatsapp uses Google’s synch function but if it does you need to download any app from the play store to reactivate it again.
Is your Wifi Symbol in the notification bar grey right now? It will turn blue again to indicate that Google Synch is active again.

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Yes, the WiFi is grey! I’ll try!

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See also this post by @ralf_xda how to check if you are connected to Google Cloud Messaging services.


Yes, Whatsapp does use GCM for push messages and only periodically pulls messages from their servers.

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I think that the answer given here is correct (there is a problem with GCM). Michael probably just has to follow the instructions to which a link has been provided. :smile:
For the record: WhatsApp also works without GCM (that’s how I am using it). This non-GCM mode is probably enabled when WhatsApp is installed and no Google Apps can be found. Since the Google Apps were deinstalled during Michael’s update and WhatsApp did not notice it, this probably caused the problem Michael has had.

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I had the grey wifi icon after the 1.8.5 update and this worked perfectly for me :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot !

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