Problem with TWRP

I have a FP2
Suddenly appeared a screen TWRP that propose to install it
I dont undestand how and why it happens on my FP2
I dont want to install it and dont know what to do
My button on/off doesn’t work anymore and I can do nothing
Has anybody ideas about that ?
Is it dangerous ? Is it a kind of virus or intrusion?
Thank your for your answers and excuse me for my english .

The only thing I can think of is when I flash a new TWRP version to the phone, TWRP asks whether its App should be installed (because I didn’t install it via the App). I just say no.

Remove the case off the phone and try without it. Perhaps a button is stuck.

Thank you for your answer.
I did reboot "Power off"
It’s OK again
But I see nowhere instaled on my fp2
Never mind
Thank tou

TWRP is a very convenient backup and recovery program installed by flashing it to the recovery partition. Fairphone Open OS comes with it by default, but you can also install it yourself, and there are ports for many other devices.

The TWRP App is only there to flash TWRP to recovery and look for updates.

You reach recovery mode by pressing Volume Up when starting the phone.

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