Problem with the screen of my fairphone 2

Hello, my fairphone 2, suddenly, without any apparent shock, I tried to turn on the screen and it appears as the attached video. I have disassembled it and cleaned the connectors but everything is still the same. Can anyone give me their opinion or experience? what do I do, buy a new screen? or it may be a more serious problem and I have to change fairphone? Thanks!!!

I attach a sample video link:

As the cleaning has not helped and if pressing on the connenctor between core module and display does also not help it might be a problem of the core module…
If you have a #fairphoneangel near you then you might try swapping the display before buying a new one…


I think I know a person who has it, let’s see if I’m lucky. Thanks

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Might be worth trying the procedure of re-seating the metal shielding cover described in I found out what caused my FP2 screen freezes / screen becoming unresponsive ?

That helped me a lot with my intermittent screen problem, which included brief versions of glitches like your video shows, as well as other glitches and the screen just remaining black and/or the touchscreen being unresponsive.

That said, your problem sounds less intermittent; if bending/flexing or disassembling the phone doesn’t change your symptom, then maybe this is not your problem.

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After contacting a fairphone angel, we exchanged screens and came to the conclusion that my screen is damaged.
I ordered a new one and the matter is solved.
Thanks to all #fairphoneangel I will try to join this community.


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