Problem with the screen FP2

Hello there,
(I’m french, so sorry for my english) I have a problem with my Fairphone 2, the screen doesn’t work to the sides (left and right) but just in a precise location. I explain, when I write a message, I can’t type the letters “m” “p” “a” “q” sometimes it works but rarely. Also when I type the “o” it writes the letters beside at the same time (“i” and “p”) And for the “l” it writes “k” and “m”. And when someone call me, I can’t reply. I hope you understand what I mean! So I don’t know what to do, I think the proplem is the screen and maybe I have to change it, but I’m not sure so I need help,
thank you!

Try this, it provides steps to test your display, a possible way to deal with the problem, and if it does not help, you are led to Fairphone Support:

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Ok thank you, the test doesn’t work so I send them a message, thanks for your help!

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